6 Tips to Help You Shop When You’re Ready to Drop

by Hayzell

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I really hate going shopping during a pain flare-up. It requires repetitive movements and arm strength, leaves me exhausted, and amps up my pain for days. These are tips I use to make the process less painful.

1. Bring a shopping buddy. Call a friend or loved one to go shopping with you. Having company can help boost your mood as well as give you an extra pair of hands when you need it most. To make the shopping trip fun for both, use the time you spend together to connect and deepen your relationship by talking about things you care about.

2. Ask the shop for help. If you just need an extra pair of hands, call the shop in advance and ask if they have anyone to help you with your shopping. You’d be surprised how many shop owners are willing to offer a staff member to do shopping with you.

3. Look for help in your community. Help may not be as far as you think. Call your city hall or local disability office and ask about community programs that help people with chronic pain. Some programs offer volunteer workers that can help with things like shopping.

4. Consider a personal shopper. If mobility is a major issue and you have the resources to hire a personal shopper, this might prove to be a great solution. For those of us who are more thrifty, you might consider bartering for this service with friends. I know my chocolate cakes have gone long way for me.

5. Do your shopping on-line. The web has tons to offer when it comes to shopping. Many stores, including grocers, already offer online shopping with easy pick up or delivery services. I know safeway.com offers deliveries in the U.S, and mysupermarket.co.uk is a great website for UK grocery stores.

6. Ask your local store for options. If your corner store doesn’t have a website or delivery service, call and ask about their delivery options anyway. They might be able to take your order over the phone or fax. If they cannot accommodate you right away, smart businesses will recognize an opportunity to serve their customers as more and more people ask for such services. The more demand there is for delivery, the more likely it will become an option.

And if you’re lucky enough to be in Japan, perhaps you can have Robovie help you shop.

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