Possibilism.org is a place to share information about the science of pain and the art of living with it. It is a social, open collaboration to create positive transformations in lives touched by pain.

The site started as my quest to have a better day. Due to a repetitive strain injury at work, my hands are in chronic pain, and I am constantly looking for ways to feel better. Because of my training in counseling psychology, I read a lot of research on pain and psychology to find practical advice and wellness tips from science on how to relieve pain and be happier.

This site is my way to share what I have found to help others. My goal is to inspire people to find joy, hope, and meaning while living with pain. I do this by spreading awareness about chronic pain, giving evidence-based advice, and providing a place for a community to come together. I hope that I can help others to amplify the good in their life and transform the bad.

Let’s make today a better day for you and me.


Invitation to contribute

Because Possibilism.org is an open labor of love, I welcome article submissions from readers, bloggers, journalists, researchers, and anyone who is passionate about helping people with pain.

Topics at the site revolve around evidence-based exercises to feel better, advice for friends and family, inspirational thoughts and stories, assistive technology of today and tomorrow, and peer-reviewed research on pain.

Great articles have references, so please include them in your articles if they are applicable. Bylines can be anonymous, under a pseudonym, or your real name.

Interested? Get in touch via .

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