Blog Love: ChronicBabe’s Carnival Debut

by Hayzell

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I’m excited about ChronicBabe’s first carnival themed I can bring home the bacon! Thoughts on work and chronic illness. I hope that the brilliant posts in the carnival help people to understand what a double-whammy it is to be a chronic babe in the workplace. In addition to glass ceilings, difficult choices between family and career, unequal pay, and everything that all women must deal with at work, adding a chronic condition to the mix really does a number on us.

For the carnival, I wrote two articles about how technology could make your workday a bit better: feel less pain at the computer with a virtual assistant and Google Goggles helps to fight RSI pain.  

As I read the posts by Dorkabetic, Diana Lee, and Forgetful Girl, I realized how urgently we all wish for a cure and how much more research needs to be done before we have one. Pain science and medicine has many small things that are better than nothing (e.g., analgesic hypnosis, mindfulness meditation, drugs), but very little in terms of a cure for chronic conditions such as diabetes, fibromyalgia, and migraines.

Being part of the carnival reaffirmed my own commitment to blog for a better day for all people living with chronic pain.

Thanks to ChronicBabe and Fibrochondriac for putting this carnival together. I’m looking forward to the next one!

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