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8 Tips to Bring Nature Home for Pain Relief

by Hayzell

If you’re like me, you enjoy nature. You are keenly aware that it has many benefits for your health and you appreciate its magnificence—but recognize that you don’t get enough of it. (Except ants. I’m not a big fan of nature when it comes in uninvited.) In the last few weeks, I’ve searched ways to bring nature home and here are my top tips.

1. Use a projector for indoor nature vistas

Brining the beauty from outside has become easier with technology. For example, my husband thought it would be nice to create our own indoor nature retreat. To do this, he used our home movie projector to display an amazing view of the ocean on our bedroom wall.

But don’t get discouraged if you don’t have access to a projector. Another option is to hook up your computer to a TV or just put on a nature video full-screen on your computer. Here is one of my favorite video of ocean waves to relax with.

2. Enjoy the sounds of nature

Listening to natural sounds can do marvels for your well-being! You can close your eyes and instantly be transported to another world. Sounds of nature provide an easy way to relax your body and can be a nice complement to meditation and relaxation exercises. I’ve also found that using noise-isolating/canceling headphones helps me to hone in on the sounds while blocking distractions.

A really neat website, Nature Sounds for Me, allows you to create your own nature audio file. After making your custom-made nature sounds, you can listen to or download the audio file. If you don’t feel like making your own audio, you can simply check out what other people have put together.

3. Literally bring nature indoors

Adding plants and elements of nature to your home (flowers, stones, herb garden, etc.) helps to bring more oxygen to your environment, beautify your space, and emotionally brighten your day. Business owner and environmental activist Kamal Meattle created wonders at the Paharpur Business Centre with indoor plants. He demonstrated that by incorporating three common houseplants into your office or home, you can measurably create cleaner air indoors. For more information, be sure to check out Mr. Meattle’s TED talk.

Sometimes you might even find little gifts from nature that you can bring indoors. Things like feathers, cast off branches, foliage, or other tidbits can bring nature home and remind us of what our earth has to offer.

4. Add nature imagery to working spaces

Even small things like computer desktop images can help you reap the benefits of nature. Doing a Google image search with the words “desktop nature” can give you a selection of desktop pictures to choose from.

5. Consider decorative items that incorporate nature

Nature themed artwork and furniture are lovely ways to adorn your space and put you back in touch with nature. Things like entire wall natural birch forest mural or a lovely cherry blossom decal can change the feel of a room.

6. Let the sunshine in

Sunlight is necessary for health (source of vitamin D) and it can uplift your spirits. Sunshine is also great for preventing seasonal affective disorder (SAD). So go ahead and open up your windows to let some rays in.

If you live in a place with little sunshine, consider getting energy-efficient full spectrum lightbulbs. They can be cheaper than traditional SAD therapy lamps and can be used as regular lighting to bright up your space and your mood indoors.

7. Smell nature

The sense of smell is a powerful way to connect with nature at home and even get some pain relief. Think of natural scents that you find pleasing and explore ways you can bring those smells home. I love using an aromatherapy oil warmer with natural essential oils. My favorites are bergamot , lavender, and lemongrass.

8. Be on the look out for new ways to bring nature home

Use your creativity and curiosity to find new ways to connect with nature—this article is just a starting point. Sometimes being open to new things can help you come up with a fantastic new do-it-yourself solution that brings a bit of much-needed nature inside despite the odds.

This happened to Ryan Hoagland who came up with the Winscape to open up a windowless room. This novel creation can turn your HDTV into a virtual reality window that offers you gorgeous scenery.

Check out Ryan’s work at Rational Craft (including instructions on how build a Winscape of your own).

So there you have it folks, my 8 tips to bring nature home. If you found this post interesting, check out my post on how nature does a body good.

May nature be with you,

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